Welcome to the weekly update page for the junior ladder! Here you’ll find updates on the rankings, stars of the week, and any updates you’ll need to know about the ladder!


I’ve been seeing some great improvement and amazing matches! Keep up the good work guys! I can’t wait to see more matches this week!

As an update, we’re starting something called the Warning List. This is a list of people released every week who have not challenged anyone recently, and therefore are on the warning list. If they do not challenge anyone within an allotted amount of time, they will be moved down a spot from their current rank! So make sure to check it out and keep challenging people even if you’re on the top!

Here are a couple of reminders!!! Server calls the score on every point, the lines are in, and remember to switch sides of the court on off games. Also, parents are free to help out with score as well as coach a little, but try not to get too vocal or too involved. We want the kids to figure this out on their own as much as possible!

And remember to have fun!



This is the warning list. This is where we list the names of those of you who do not get a match in within a specified time. For those of you who don’t get a match in sometime this week, we’re going to have to move you down a spot.

  1. Eric Kurkian (If Eric does not play a match this week he will be removed from the ladder.)
  2. Devin Daniels (If Devin does not play a match this week, he will be removed from the ladder.)
  3. Sydney Taylor
  4. Lauryn Jacks
  5. Cade Nichols
  6. Thomas Musser
You guys have this week to get in a match or we’ll have to move you down a spot :(


Top Dog Bracket

  1. Charles Shields
  2. Andrew Timms
  3. CJ Baggett
  4. Stephen Shields
  5. Eric Kurkian
  6. Anthony Russo
  7. Spencer Johnson
  8. Johnathan Daniels
  9. Hannah Paige
  10. Devin Daniels
  11. Patrick Murphy
  12. Ashley Stevens
King of the Hill
  1. Sera Clower
  2. Sabastion Torres
  3. Rachel Page
  4. Liam McTiernan
  5. Ian Iverson
  6. Emily Page
  7. Jamie Kuring
Tennis Ninja
  1. Kane Hite
  2. Avree McGinnis
  3. Joseph Albrightson
  4. Sydney Taylor
  5. Lauryn Jacks
  6. Caleb Taff
  7. JP Cohran
  8. Kale Ward
  9. Cade Nichols
  10. Victoria VanEffen
  11. Ethan McHardy
  12. Thomas Musser

Match of the Week

Sera Clower and Liam McTiernan hold the spot for the Match of the week! Sera’s spot was challenged by Liam, but she managed to keep her title, winning 8 – 5 against Liam.  

Mover(s) of the Week

Charles Shields is the Mover of the Week, beating Andrew Timms 8 – 5 and taking the top spot of the bracket!

Sportsman of the Week

Jamie Kuring wins the Sportsman of the Week award! Everyone was talking about how great a sportsman Jamie was and how nice and wonderful it was playing against him as well as talking with his parents!


You have to tell us when you see someone being an amazing player or showing great sportsmanship! We’re relying on you to gather information for us so we can pick the right Star(s) of the Week!

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